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As we get older, collagen in ligaments and joints wears out. GYROTONIC system stretches those parts smoothly and fights against wear and tear by providing additional blood and nutrition. People with arthritis can benefit from it.
- Mark Darrow (Professor, Medical School, University of California, M.D., Physical Therapist)
I had an opportunity to re-examine a patient who had undergone knee surgery in my clinic, and was utterly surprised to see how good the knee itself and the musculature of the leg were. The muscular function of the surgically repaired knee was superior to the other side, and the abraded defect of the articular cartilage healed, which shows how effective your training program really is. I am very impressed with the results obtained so far.
- Dr. Jurgen Toft, M.D. Sports Medicine, Orthopedics Munich, Germany
GYROTONIC methodology is an exceptional movement system. It teaches the student to find and understand the support for and functional relationship of the entire body. The body is then able to work as it is designed-- as a functional whole. This is in contrast to other exercise systems, which look at the body as separate with isolated parts, which work these parts individually. This is contrary to Nature's ways . Health is only achieved through movement, and GYROTONIC training helps to restore movement to this contracting culture. Its' role in rehabilitation as well in general health is profound and must not be underestimated.
- Dr. Jill Sanders, Doctor of Osteopathy, New York City
GYROTONIC exercise emphasizes natural circular motions with accompanying breathing. I used to consider dance as a simple vertical movements but GYROTONIC exercise has broadened my perspective.
- Susan Jaffe (former A.B.T. principal dancer)
GYROTONIC exercises taught me how to prevent injuries, and has given me a deeper understanding of how everything works together. I have incorporated the exercises into my daily schedule. They are the first things I do every morning, and they prepare me both physically and emotionally for the rest of the day.
- Dena Abergel, New York City Ballet
GYROTONIC system has helped me tremendously to reach the P.G.A. Tour. I do GYROTONIC exercise before every round of Golf.
- Mark Wilson (PGA Tour golfer & GYROTONIC Master Trainer)
It's great! Most golfers fight coming up out of the shot, but this strengthening routine works on keeping you in the shot from start to finish. Since I have been paying attention to my posture and flexibility, I have moved from 60th to 30th on the money list in one year.
- Andrew Magee, PGA Tour golfer
The GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM has helped me awaken my instincts and tap into sounds I had no idea existed in my vocal range, and this freedom allows me to sing any genre of music whether it be Jazz, Opera or Pop. The unique breathing patterns combined with waving and spiraling movements of the spine have helped me find an internal Metronome, and relate to each song in my repertoire with more depth and personal connection. The system is, by far, the best vocal coach I've ever had!
- Osi, Professional Singer,New York
Enhancing strength and enhancing flexibility might seem to be two opposites. But, you can achieve both if you use an ideal exercise system. In this sense, GYROTONIC exercise is an ideal system.
- Marky Lisa Gavenas (ELLE Magazine)
GYROTONIC exercise is fundamentally different from Pilates in that GYROTONIC emphasizes circular movements. That is why GYROTONIC has been receiving much attention as a brand new approach to maintaining health and well-being.
- Liz Brody (Shape Magazine)
I discovered the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM as a result of a head injury, which produced paralysis of my left leg and muscular and cognitive damage. The GYROTONIC exercises and movements restored and reprogrammed my body and mind into a more harmonious working relationship. Other benefits of GYROTONIC Training have been: easier breathing, reduced asthma, decreased allergies, and reduced bowlegged ness.
- Gus Kirchner, Retired commercial airline pilot, Indiana
GYROTONIC exercise was very helpful in relaxing the knots in the shoulder muscles caused by incorrect posture.
- Change-Hee Cho (Director of Continuing Education Program, Cheong-Joo University)
GYROTONIC exercise is effective not only in strengthening muscles and enhancing flexibility but also in correcting posture. Therefore, I think it is a very effective exercise system particularly for dancers, athletes, or growing children.
- Jeong-Nim Do (Professor of dance, Cheong-Joo University)
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