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Welcome to the website of the GYROTONIC® Association of Seoul.
The Association, in response to the fast growing interest of Koreans in integrating exercise into their lives, was founded to bring to Korea the benefits of the GYROTONIC® system of exercise and well being.
Health and medical science recognize the importance of integrating exercise into our lives in order to maintain our physical and emotional health. Recent developments point to the importance of moving our bodies in a more anatomically correct and organic way by strengthening and utilizing the body's energy center (the core). In this regard, the GYROTONIC® system is one of the best exercise programs available regardless of age or occupation. It has been deployed in rehabilitation centers, dance schools, and health clubs around the world, is now available in Seoul through the GYROTONIC® Association of Seoul.
The Association opened the first professional GYROTONIC® training center to introduce and popularize the GYROTONIC® program. We also provide professional training programs; promote national health through community involvement; collaborate with Korean- and non-Korean professional organizations; and generally promote the GYROTONIC® system through research, seminars and public relations activities.
We look forward to hearing from you and hope to have the opportunity to introduce you to the benefits of the GYROTONIC® System in the near future.
Young-Ah Kim,
President of the GYROTONIC® Association of Seoul
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